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This is what makes Soliciti awesome


Does your website rank well on search engines?

Why have a website if people can’t find it? The grand prize for your website is to be the first result when people search for the keywords that matter to you. Soliciti lets you track your website’s ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing against keywords you select and even compare how you’re doing against the competition!


Is your website up and running?

Websites can get sick and become unavailable without their owners even realizing it. Soliciti lets you know when your website crashes and becomes unavailable. Soliciti also lets you know as soon as your website has been restored! Websites can go down for many reasons, including faulty hosting services (hosting services keep your website online) or even a surge in traffic. Some hosts struggle to keep websites up even 70% of the time. That’s why Soliciti continuously checks to make sure your website is up, and lets you know quickly if it goes down.


Does your website have basic security?

Leaving the door unlocked is never a great idea for your home, so unless it was designed that way on purpose, the same applies to your website’s code. A website that doesn’t adhere to even the most basic security is likely to be hacked. Website information could be changed or data stolen by unauthorized persons. That’s why Soliciti regularly checks your website for basic security measures and lets you know immediately if it sees a weakness.


Do all parts of your website work?

Putting together the pieces of your website is a bit like assembling a jigsaw puzzle! If even just a couple of pieces are missing, it can make the whole image lose its impact. That’s why Soliciti regularly scans your website to make sure all the pieces like images and links work. If Soliciti finds something broken, it lets you know!


Is your website built correctly?

A website that has structural problems may work about as well as a sprinter with an injured leg! A lot goes on behind the scenes of your website that can affect the viewer’s experience and how it shows up in search engines. The good news is that many of the issues that diminish a website’s quality are easy fixes. The bad news is that they’re not always easy to find. That’s why Soliciti looks over your website, from top to bottom, to see how well it’s been built and lets you know whenever it finds an issue.


How fast is your website?

If your website is running slowly, it can make viewers feel a bit like hiking up hill. It takes only 3 seconds of loading time for 40% of consumers to abandon a website.. Soliciti checks to make sure your website’s speed meets industry standards when loaded on desktops and lets you know if it doesn’t.


Can your website be seen around the world?

Technical problems and nation state firewalls can prevent international viewers from visiting your website, almost as if it is chained in place. Soliciti tests to see if people from different parts of the world can see your website and lets you know if they can’t.


Is your website desktop friendly?

If your website doesn’t display properly in certain desktop browsers, it can make your pages look bizarre. The user may see anything from text overflowing to images cramped in a tiny box! Popular browsers display websites differently, and that’s why Soliciti checks to make sure your website is compatible with popular browsers on your desktop computer.


Is your website mobile friendly?

You want to give your website room to breathe, even on portable devices. Two-thirds of Americans own a mobile phone and 19% of Americans rely on them to get online. Soliciti checks to make sure your website is compatible with popular mobile devices and browsers.


Is the identity of your website safe?

It would be off-putting to walk past a store and see yourself for sale! You’ve worked hard to establish a name for yourself online, so it would be just as bad if your website’s domain name expired, and someone else bought it before you even realized you needed to renew it. That’s why Soliciti checks to to see if your website’s domain name is protected and lets you know if your domain ownership or website’s name is at risk of being taken by someone else.


Is your website’s email system healthy?

It’s hard to get mail with a broken mailbox, and your website’s email system is no different. The email process that your website may use could have serious issues. Just as regular mail takes many stops until it reaches your home, individual emails are sent through servers and filters across the globe before they get from the sender to the recipient. That’s why Soliciti checks your website’s email system and lets you know if something in this process is out of whack.


Can your website be reached?

If your website can’t easily be reached, you may as well be stranded on a desert island! Your domain name is your website’s name, and a complex system translates your simple domain name into its IP (Internet Protocol) address. This is the string of numbers that browsers from around the world use to reach your website. Unfortunately, problems can occur that cause your website to be lost in this name-to-number translation. That’s why Soliciti checks your website regularly and lets you know if for some reason people can’t reach your website.